International Distribution

For Châteaux wines, the Bordeaux wine market

The company has always had a policy of maintaining close and preferential links with the merchants on the Bordeaux wine market. Every year, through the unique primeur (futures) system, it sells its châteaux wines in the cask to selected merchants who then sell them on to the end-customer. The strength of its own network also helps to ensure that Baron Philippe de Rothschild has full global coverage for the distribution of its wines.

For Branded wines, a network of agents

Baron Philippe de Rothschild operates in 150 countries through a network of 140 agents and partners.

In France, which accounts for 20% of its sales, the company has opted for a distribution system through its subsidiary Baron Philippe de Rothschild France Distribution (RFD).

On export markets, which account for 80% of sales, the wines are distributed in cooperation with partners or by exclusive agents.

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