Human Resources

Working for Baron Philippe de Rothschild or one of its subsidiaries means joining a prestigious, dynamic and innovative family company which inspires loyalty in its people, with 15 years’ length of service on average and 4,500 hours of training provided in 2016.

Corporate social responsability

Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s approach to corporate social responsibility is based on full compliance with all statutory requirements and with the company’s fundamental values, tried and tested over many years.

The company’s workforce relations policy is enshrined in a set of collective agreements between management and workforce representatives, including agreements on gender equality and older workers.

Baron Philippe de Rothschild makes a point of helping to integrate young people into the workforce in order to enhance their skills and make them more employable. It is also careful to keep older workers in employment and to ensure that their skills are transferred. Preference is given to internal mobility as a source of motivation.

Our skills

From the vineyard workers who tend the vines with loving care to the sales agents responsible for selling our wines, our group makes use of no fewer than twenty different skills profiles, the main ones being :

– Vinegrowing and winemaking

  • Vineyard worker
  • Winery worker
  • Vineyard manager
  • Oenologist
  • Laboratory technician
  • Bottling line technician


– Sales, marketing and communication

  • Junior sales manager
  • Sales agent
  • Sector manager
  • Product manager
  • Communication manager
  • Webmaster


– Administrative and financial

  • Lawyer
  • Information systems technician
  • Managment controller
  • Accountant



Job offers
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