Welcome to the Baron Philippe de Rothschild
Seasonal worker space

Every year Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA looks to hire workers to carry out seasonal vineyard tasks outside the harvest period.

The main seasonal tasks are desuckering, raising the trellis, leaf thinning, cluster thinning, plum and blackcurrant picking, and pruning.

With the exception of pruning (from November to March), the vine cycle generally starts in April and ends in early September.

If you are interested in seasonal vineyard work, please submit your application directly online, following the different stages of the process.
You will be asked to provide various items of information and documents. If you fill in the form from a smartphone, you can take photos of the documents as you go and then submit them.

– Identity documents
– Bank account details / IBAN
– Carte Vitale (French social security card), if you have one
– Social security certificate, if you are registered in the French social security system
– CV / resumé
– Certificate of disabled worker status or disability pension (if applicable)
– Residence permit (if applicable)

Please make sure you have everything to hand before starting the process.

It should only take you about 10 minutes to file your application.


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