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1997 – 2017 : Happy Birthday Almaviva !

Almaviva celebrates its 20th anniversary! When better to reach the prime of life than in 2017, officially declared the Franco-Chilean Year of Innovation? The event was sealed on Saturday, 17 June by Philippe Sereys de Rothschild, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA, and Alfonso Larrain Santa Maria, Chairman of Viña […]

Launch of ICE Rosé signé Mouton Cadet

On its private terrace at the Cannes Film Festival, the family-company Baron Philippe de Rothschild unveiled its latest arrival, presented by Mouton Cadet: ICE ROSÉ SIGNÉ MOUTON CADET. In a setting inspired by Hollywood party-going, to the sounds of Inès Mélia, opinion-shapers and privileged guests were invited to discover another facet of the brand with […]

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